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    Create English and Maths Questions (in total 128,000 questions)

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    Project description:

    1. Create English and Maths Questions (in total 128 000)
    2. Total number of English questions = 64,000 questions
    3. Total number of Maths questions = 64,000 questions
    4. These questions are for Grade 1 – 8
    5. Each grade will have maths – 8000 questions
    6. Each grade will have English – 8000 questions
    7. Each grade curriculum/topics/syllabus must be divided to 40 weeks of learning.
    8. Each questions must have a) Answer b) Detailed explanation of the Answer c) Concept/topic explanation/facts related to that question
    9. Questions must be delivered in proper formatting ready to print as workbook.
    10. Questions delivery of Word document and pdf document to be provided.
    12. All questions must be plagiarism-free.
    13. All questions must have answers with detailed explanations.
    14. Theory/concept/tip must be provided.
    15. All questions and answers must be helpful for visual learners, or in other words, it needs to have images to help the student. 16. Maths questions 70% of questions must be worded problems/problem solving
    17. Questions must be classified into easy, medium and hard.
    18. English questions must cover Grammar, Vocabulary, Punctuation, Reading Comprehension, Writing and Spelling. (One Reading passage with sub questions will be counted as one question)
    19. Payment only after successful delivery of the work. No advance payment will be provided.
    20. Send sample English and maths questions to you can find me on whatsapp at +263777474080 Send detailed time frames and samples for discussion.
    22. Maths curriculum is Singapore ( other grades curriculum can be found here
    23. English curriculum is Australia
    24. In Each grade for example grade 6 Maths there will be 8000 question in total. This is to be divided to 40 sets. Each set must have 6 subset. Five subsets will have 30 question each. The 6th subset will have 50 questions similar to the five subsets.

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