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    Web developer needed to create a great e-learning website and make it attractive to customers

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    Project description:

    Web developer needed to create a great e-learning website and make it attractive to customers

    Budget: $3500bond or $1000usd

    The website is about Language Learning. I already created it and I have been working on it for some time. Since I am not a professional designer, the website’s design is not suitable for the business I want to develop there (language learning).

    I am looking for a programmer that can re-design it in a more professional and intuitive way, so the website has more chances to succeed and attract potential customers. I also need a programmer that it’s an expert in creating software and personal pages that can be saved within an account. If you are working with a team, that would be better: I need development and design. If you can do both things, even better, but that will be a lot of work.

    My project is about a revolutionary way to learn languages through your life goals, your interests, your experiences, etc, and making the student an autonomous learner. The website has two premium pages for people that purchased the Course Package, and in these premium pages the student, with the help of the teacher, is able to create multiple situations and dialogues for his/her language learning. 

    Then, the student, on this package, gets several language teaching lessons where he/she will practice these situations.

    Important: I want the premium page to be personal for each student. The students will be able to select the words and phrases they want, and then, they’ll translate them under it. The phrases created by the students should be automatically corrected (like in duolingo or similar) and added for review to a Spaced repetition program integrated in the website, so there could be a need for some kind of language software (or similar). This could make things a bit harder. But I am willing to review the budget, if it’s needed.

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    Pamela Nyasha Muzoma
    systems Developer
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